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What to Do If Back Injuries Occur in a Car Accident

Rick Jaklitsch

A recipient of the Top Lawyer Award in Maryland and Washington, DC. Rick Jaklitsch focuses on personal injury cases caused by negligence or auto accidents. As the owner of The Jaklitsch Law Group, Rick Jaklitsch and his qualified team of attorneys provide legal counsel to clients who have sustained trauma such as back injuries in car accidents.

Car accidents are a major cause of severe back injuries, including sprained spinal ligaments and disc damage. Individuals who experience soreness or pain after being involved in an auto accident should immediately seek medical care. While over-the-counter analgesics can help temporarily manage the pain, back injuries can require long-term treatment and should be evaluated by a professional.
After seeing a doctor, the injured party may be referred to specialists such as a physical therapist or chiropractor. For insurance and compensation claim purposes, patients should always record and document every medical treatment they receive in relation to the back injury.

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